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August 2013

August 2013


Spotted Hyena cube - M3003
 (Crocuta crocuta)
Masai Mara NR , Kenya - August  2013


Waiting for his mother near the den: The sun was now rapidly decreasing and we are on our jeep to return to the camp in the Masai Mara .
When our guide suddenly cries out: "Look , a hyena ! " slowing sharply and stopping the jeep. We asked him why so much fuss for a hyena , when during the day we had seen many and the light was going fast . Meanwhile , we look around without seeing even the shadow of the hyena . Then he shows us his hand shouting, " there! " We turn in the indicated direction and we see a hyena cub in the press of the den waiting for the mother. Usually, hyena do not arouse great interest , in the absence of " charm and beauty" of many cats and other animals of the savannah. In fact, the hyena is an animal of great respect which the care of the puppies is a priority for every member of society typically matriarchal . In addition, the puppy was beautiful and disarming sweetness , yet equipped with the thick fur on the head and rump then he stands to lose by adulthood . An opportunity not to be missed. We were there to observe it for a few minutes until the light has it granted. The moment we turned on the engine of the jeep , got scared and hid in his lair , as his mother has taught you to do!

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